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The cartoon goes on to portray the overall image that many Americans held at the time; the heightened distrust of Soviet leaders and the perceived threats behind Russias actions, all of which added up becoming some of the causes of the Cold War.

This fear and want of control over the American Communist Party, which immediately started after WWI in America, during the Red Scare of ; was used by the Republican and Democratic Parties, and their constituents, to gain and hold support in the United States government, and to atte Government loyalty boards interrogated and investigated millions of employees.

It led to the Korean war and then the Vietnam war to finally the overall blanket of the cold war. With Russia marshaling, Germany declared war on it and as a result, France was drawn into the war to defend its ally, Russia.

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Aside from minor territorial squabbles in the years shortly after the war, the Truman Doctrine in let the Soviets know that the U. This dream would eventually come true for a select group of American astronauts. Even though the Cold war Centered around these two countries it was actually all of Europe and the United states.

The wall was about 9 miles long and 12 feet high. In particular, historians have sharply disagreed as to who was responsible for the breakdown of Soviet-U. That agreement, of course, was quickly forgotten after the German invasion of the Soviet Union two years later.

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