8 grounding should be attached to what in the building

This method is similar, or identical, to installing a feeder to a panelboard or distribution equipment that is located in the same building or structure where the service is located.

Impedance grounding[ edit ] Distribution power systems may be solidly grounded, with one circuit conductor directly connected to an earth grounding electrode system. Because high frequency signals can flow to earth due to capacitative effects, capacitance to ground is an important factor in effectiveness of signal grounds.

This means that the system will not immediately trip on the first ground fault.

how to ground a data rack

What about a low-voltage intercom system between the two buildings? It should be addressed by a licensed electrician.

I want to install a service cable in a residence where the siding is all aluminum. Although the Code requires that aluminum siding be grounded, that is not always the case.

I bring all drops to a common point on the building; must I run separate ground wires from each to a grounding electrode? Metal underground gas piping is prohibited for use in a grounding electrode system but is required to be bonded to other metal piping systems and exposed structural steel for equal voltage potential purposes [ Equipment Grounding Conductor In this method, an equipment grounding conductor was run with the feeder s or branch circuit sin addition to the ungrounded and grounded conductors to the additional building or structure.

Telecommunications grounding detail and riser diagram

By bonding interconnecting all exposed non-current carrying metal objects together and to other metallic objects such as pipes or structural steel, they should remain near the same voltage potential, thus reducing the chance of a shock. See Article We do not believe however, that current measurements can or should be substituted for a visual inspection of the installed grounding and bonding connections since current alone does not indicate whether the connection is proper or the ground conductor is adequately sized. A particular concern in design of electrical substations is earth potential rise. This takes more time on service calls. As an example, while complying with previous Where telecommunications service is supplied to a boat or other floating unit, care must be taken to maintain safe clearances under conditions of changing water levels. Permanently installed electrical equipment, unless not required to, has permanently connected grounding conductors.
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