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Mantello reconciles the gap between form and content only in Ms. The sets, costumes, and musical was excellent!

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I've seen 12 Broadway musicals, and this was the best by far. Glinda banishes the Wizard from Oz, and sends Madame Morrible to prison. Wicked offers a new and somewhat surprising take on a well-loved story and is appropriate for all ages. Great Voices! Our first show! Chenoweth manages to do with the lyrics of a song of self-admiration called ''Popular'' is a master class in musical phrasing. And the choreographer Wayne Cilento's ''musical staging'' registers as a series of spasmodic, disconnected poses that suggest that the dehumanization of the Ozians is already well under way. The spotlights show the billowing cape and the smoke rising from behind the stage as green and purple lights dance around her. She provides the essential helium in a bloated production that might otherwise spend close to three hours flapping its oversized wings without taking off. Elphaba returns to the Wizard's palace to free the monkey servants, and comes across the Wizard himself.

A must see for girlfriends and grandchildren alike!! Fiyero arrives and holds Glinda hostage, until Elphaba is allowed to go free.

A decade later, the answer is clear: Nothing much. He even has to sing a throbbing ''Aida''-style that is, Elton John-style duet with Ms.

The contrast between the young women, who wind up as reluctant roommates at sorcery school, is used to examine a society that values surface over substance, the illusion of doing good over the genuinely noble act. Their happiness is interrupted when Elphaba suddenly has a vision of Nessarose being in danger.

And whether or not you are up on your Oz lore, this seems, at first, incongruous with the magical proceedings on stage.

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Old or young you will enjoy it for sure. They all decide to have an orientation party at the Ozdust Ballroom, that evening. Wicked offers a new and somewhat surprising take on a well-loved story and is appropriate for all ages.

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A return visit reveals that the producers have been careful, not to say monomaniacal, about replicating the experience they gave audiences in the opening months.

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The Gershwin is WICKED!