Abandoned house descriptive essay

From the inside, it looked as big as ever before, for there were no floors or ceiling. These vacant properties, often more times than not become abandoned.

describe an old house for short story

The first worm kept coming out and soon new black spots began to peek out from other holes. Around it would be unkempt undergrowth as if the house had grown up from the very earth.

The faded pink exterior is covered in dirt and greenish grime. To speak of it we use only adjectives and we don't make eye contact.

A thick carpet of dust clung to every object, the rays of light shining through the shattered glass windows catching on the particles suspended in the stagnant air.

Abandoned house descriptive essay

We stood shivering. The walls. A few of the slates had fallen away and exposed part of a rafter. I count myself among the most skeptical, although I have often allowed myself to daydream and I even imagine clever unsuspected corners where the treasure might be hidden.

description of an old house
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The Haunted House