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The Academic Review Academic review lasts from one and a half to two hours. Importantly, the Self-Study Report and Action Plan should demonstrate linkages among program review, assessment of student learning, strategic planning, and budgeting. For three days, a panel of experts will be reviewing a particular programme.

Evaluating the program and planning for enhancements to support student learning, engagement in research and creative endeavors, and service to the community will inform the following: budgeting, including allocating resources for new faculty hires; aligning programmatic operations and innovations with the unit and university strategic plans; investing in new programs or program expansion; identifying programs for closure; responding to reporting requirements from accreditors, the UM System, and the State; and identifying quality improvement opportunities.

The APR process should not be initiated or viewed solely as a response by administrators to external constituencies or a crisis situation, but to the ultimate goal of improving the program.

How is the review undertaken? Academic Administrative Area APRs are reviews conducted on programs in the Division of Academic Affairs that support academic programs but do not offer degrees or are not driven by student outcomes.

The Associate Chair for Graduate Studies must give final approval. Submissions will remain confidential to the review panel. In consultation with the chair of the committee, students prepare a reading list and select the two papers for review.

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Programmes Under Review All programmes offered at Victoria University of Wellington are reviewed in a regular cycle, approximately once every seven years.

The best way for students to get a sense of the types of questions that may be asked is to discuss the review with members of their committee.

Academic review

The review must take place in the semester during or following the completion of 12 credits. To prepare for the review the panel receives a self-review report written by programme staff and Head of School.

The Academic Review is designed to assess the progress of these PhD students and determine whether their provisional status is removed.

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