An analysis of non revolutionary theory

However, on closer examination, the limitations of a strictly inductive method become clear. The generalizations arrived at over a lengthy period of human development, some of which are considered as axioms, play an important role in the development of thought and cannot be so easily dispensed with.

To this day, the worst ideological garbage is produced in the universities. It goes without saying that Marxists stand one hundred percent in favour of the complete emancipation of women. By the truth we mean human knowledge that correctly reflects the objective world, its laws, and properties.

As a result, these youngsters, feeling intimidated, were demoralised and driven out of the movement. But nothing could be further from the truth. Consequently, we did not limit ourselves to reading the text that is generally taken as the basis for this view: 's What Is to Be Done?

An analysis of non revolutionary theory

Precisely the opposite. There is a right to revolt when government violates those natural rights for the protection of which it was created. This is the essential content of empiricism. That is our starting point.

Positively charged protons, however, are constantly repelling each other through electrostatic repulsion.


Our task is to assist it to make the necessary transition.

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Lucio Magri, Problems of the Marxist Theory of the Revolutionary Party, NLR I/60, March