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He was able to rack up seven no-hitters and 5, strikeouts across a career that finally ended in when he was 46 years old. Ryan made some strides in with a record and a 3. Married to wife Ruth sincehe has three children: Reid, Reese and Wendy.

And nope, we don't source our examples from our editing service! On April 19,he had struck out three batters on nine pitches in the second inning of a 2—1 win over the St.

That same year he set the Major League strikeout record with What helped him break so many baseball records was the application of old-fashioned common sense to his daily regimen.

Ryan was not ejected, he was not fined either.

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Photo: Kerwin Plevka, Houston Chronicle file 5of25Pickle cureRyan apparently soaked his fingers in pickle juice to stave off blistering. He was named president of the Rangers inand held the position of team CEO from through the end of the season.

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In the fifth and final game of the series, Ryan left trailing 3—0 and took the loss. Let us know! The following year, he helped the Mets upset the heavily favored Baltimore Orioles in the World Series with his stellar relief pitching in Game 3. He beat the Twins, , on September 28, His record breaking, 5th no-hitter, was against the previous record holder, Sandy Koufax 's team, the Los Angeles Dodgers. But nowhere was he bigger news than in Texas. The next day, in a doubleheader, he appeared as a reliever in the opener and threw three innings, giving up one run and striking out five. But he was just warming up. What proved to be more successful than the snake oil, however, was the weight conditioning program he started in California to build up his arm and entire body. On April 19, , he had struck out three batters on nine pitches in the second inning of a 2—1 win over the St. In early August, however, he strained a muscle near his right elbow, causing him to finish that year with an underwhelming record. The Mets brass probably began drinking a lot. It spurred a three-game winning streak. Despite his. With the signing of Ryan on December 7, , the Rangers gained something they never had before: national credibility.
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