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When it came time to fly from Colorado to Connecticut to move into her freshman dorm, Andazola Marquez had her mentor Mr. She also loves the residential college system, which she says is like Harry Potter.

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I was shocked when I learned this. Because her parents couldn't afford to travel with her, Munoz and his wife said they were honored to fill the role.

Most Popular. How is that even possible? Now that she has a stable living environment, she is able to work two jobs and send money home. The year-old is currently starting her sophomore year at Yale after spending the summer on campus, interning in a chemistry lab. Writing about money is a risk, especially when so much is at stake. Having her college essay published was exciting but also nerve-wracking for Andazola Marquez. I watched them drive to school in luxury cars. I knew that my story would become very public and people were going to know a lot about me. I understand now that for many, it is hard enough just to survive, let alone save up for an education that costs tens of thousands of dollars per year. What better place than a college campus to continue to meet interesting people whose life experiences are different than my own? Though my family had its own share of tough times during the most recent economic recession, and we had to cut back on a lot of extras, my parents continued to provide for us and they shielded us from the worst of it.

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It was shocking.

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Her life as a teen revolved around where she and her siblings would sleep, what they would eat and how she would stay in school. She chose the school in part because of its specific services for students who come from non-traditional backgrounds.

However, I attend a very affluent high school and many of my friends and other classmates I know have the kind of wealth that I could only imagine before.

andazola marquez essay help

Quinlan picked up on as well. It felt natural.

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