Ap biology essays and answers

You know more than you think! The more points you score, the better off you are on that question. Use the time to be as precise as you can be for each subquestion. Instead, you would need to describe that setup and talk about why it would be an effective method of measuring the result.

You have about 10 minutes to answer each free- response question. For altruistic behavior, be sure to describe how inclusive fitness is increased through kin selection.

You may use diagrams to supplement your answers, but a diagram alone without appropriate discussion is inadequate.

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Questions that ask you to describe, discuss, or explain are testing your comprehension of a topic. Trying out the strategies there will get you comfortable with them, and you should be able to put them to good use on the real exam. Use the time to be as precise as you can be for each subquestion. For example, an explanation question might ask you to explain why an experiment is likely to produce a certain set of results, or how one might measure a certain sort of experimental result. You know more than you think! On at least one free-response question, you will be asked about an experiment in some form or another. Be careful that you do not over-explain a concept. How to Read a History Textbook Free-response questions on the AP biology exam may require you to provide information from a narrow area of biology, or they may consist of parts that require you to assemble information from diverse areas of biology. A question that asks you to explain something is asking you to take something complicated or unclear and present it in simpler terms. There are almost always easy points that you can earn.

The questions that follow are typical of a broad and a more focused AP biology test question. Answer the question in essay form NOT outline formusing complete sentences. A discussion is more like a conversation about ideas, and— depending on the topic—this may be an appropriate place to talk about tension between competing theories and views.

For example, a discussion question might ask you to discuss which of several theories offers the best explanation for a set of results.

Ap biology essays and answers

Sample directions: Answer the questions below as completely and as thoroughly as possible. Pecking order Traveling in herds or packs Altruistic behavior Describe each of the following animal behaviors as revealed in studies performed by the given researcher. You can then use that information when crafting your free-response answers. You do not have to answer free-response questions in the order in which they appear on the exam. Fixed action patterns and Nikolaas Tinbergen Imprinting and Konrad Lorenz Classical conditioning and Ivan Pavlov Bee communication and Karl von Frisch Here are some tips for responding fully to test questions of this sort: Question 1 For each part of this question, you should give a definition, an explanation of how the behavior increases individual fitness, and an example. A good answer here will provide a rich, detailed account of the results you anticipate. Define and explain how each of the following contributes to social behavior. While grammar and spelling are not assessed on the free-response portion, correct spellings of words and legible sentences will increase your chances of earning points. State the obvious and provide a brief but accurate explanation for it. Where the initial explanation gets you points, contradictions cause points to be taken away.

For example, if the question has four sections a, b, c, and d and says to choose three parts, then choose only three parts. In a way, this is just another aspect of the good science idea.

Part of being precise is presenting your answer in complete sentences.

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AP Biology: How to Approach Free Response Questions