Applying ethical theories to the arguments about obesity

A prioritarian approach emphasizes social responsibility and questions socioeconomic individualism as an explanatory framework for understanding and addressing obesity.

The government must continue to police the marketplace so as to eliminate deceptive practices. Because medical interventions for obesity are still relatively new, further investigation is needed to determine best practice; however, as children are a vulnerable population for research, caution must be taken.

With this understanding of judgment, knowing cannot be collapsed into judgment alone. Disclosure The authors declare no conflicts of interest.

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This frame is often supported by clinicians or pharmaceutical industries. Sometimes, they involve inadequate information and provide unclear, overstated, oversimplified, subjective, incomplete or even false messages. Results The framework At the heart of the framework is a list of eight questions that helps in making a complete inventory of the morally relevant features of a programme Box 1.

These results were based on surveying a representative sample of US adults aged years [ 6 ].

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[Full text] Ethical considerations in the treatment of childhood obesity