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Imagery The poet uses contrast effectively in this poem particularly in religious imagery. Please record your sighting on our Barn Owl survey website.

Gwen Harwood uses contrast and counterpointing in her poem, Father and Child, to explore the power of time to transform familial relationships. The foreshadowing of significant events assists the responder in connecting with the poem. The owl box stream was over and out. This was their life. In Barn Owl.

?father and child? (barn owl and nightfall)

Similarly in nightfall, Gwen prefigures a monumental moment of her life, the death of her father. Thereafter ensued a series of astonishing events that unfolded over the next eight months.

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barn owl analysis

Nightfall indicates similarity in terms of the significance of parental guidance. Hear what other UK owls sound like on our owl identification page.

In the conclusion, the child employs a metaphor 'owl blind' to convey their sadness for what they have begun is the journey to maturity.

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An Owl Essay by Linda Stryker, PhD