Brown v board of eductaion essay

He was suing to allow his 8-year-old daughter Linda to attend a school that only white children were allowed to attend.

Learn More With time, however, the American education system underwent a major transformation process. In the case of Briggs, Thurgood Marshall, the leading attorney, brought attention to the fact that segregation could potentially be psychologically damaging to African American students with the famous doll study made by a Dr.

Brown is the reason we all go to school together today. People learn from each other every day and putting the children together in the same schools help the children learn about different lives some children have to live.

Previously, separate schools were set for Whites and Blacks Cozzens, Board of Education was a landmark case that was decided by the Supreme Court of America in Then there were white schools were white children went. Even though it took years to take part, the changed did happen.

This started with Linda and Olivier Brown. Brandon would not be my best friend, and sadly without the desegregation in schools we would have never crossed paths. Ferguson case stated that the separation was not violating any law or amendment.

brown v board of education significance
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Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas essays