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Compare and contrast essay between two cultures

It is estimated that 1. Chinese usually eat communally and share their dishes with others. The menu of the Lotusblume is quite large. Whereas the United States culture in relation to morals tends to be laid back, the Chinese society places a high value on the morals of their people. So if you see a dish made of fish, meat, mushroom and various vegetables in it with plenty of seasoning — that is most likely of Chinese origin. Similarly, in traditional Korean culture there are plenteous manners on respecting seniors, and start eating after they eat is one of the manners. Besides of table manner, both chinese and malay food have their own styles of cooking. You can often see them served in different smaller plates in order to avoid mixing the flavors. China and Korea both are historical and traditional Asian countries, which have many traditional cultures and manners, including the eating manners. In an American family, independence is highly regarded where children are encouraged to mature and leave the house as soon as possible whereas children who stay longer than their late teen years are seen as lazy and mooching off Paragraph 4 Time sensitivity is another factor differentiating the two countries. In cross-cultural marketing, the famous American chain of fast food restaurants - Kentucky Fried Chicken KFC has made great success in China doubtlessly, after entering the Chinese market in Americans tend to be time sensitive when it comes to meetings and deadlines.

China in the East and the U. Not only do the little guys provide extra flavor, but also extra saltiness and a little bit of a chewy texture. Preference depends on the priority of people.

While hunger seems to drive our ways of food consumption, there are things outside of our own bodies that influence our food choices and the way in which we eat. Here people tend to look at issues on a more personal scale rather than on a collective scale.

It is not uncommon to find various social classes socializing and knowing each other a norm which is unlikely in the Chinese culture. How to cite this essay Choose cite format:.

It is only through the modernization of the country that meat has become more popular there.

Similarities between chinese and western food

For example, Miso soup, the most well-known soup in the country, is an extremely healthy basic stock made from seaweed and miso paste. American Thai Green Curry 7. Westerners usually enjoy individual servings. Compare and contrast two restaurants Do you want to eat out in Datteln, a small town in Germany? Starbucks Corporation is an American global coffee company, coffeehouse chain stores that adapt Italian-style coffeehouse. Individualism in the United States is paramount and sometimes considered as the reason for its success as a world power. Hopefully sharing these differences will help you prepare for your China experience, and has given you some insights into Chinese culture.

China Published by admin on June 5, Compare and contrast essay between two countries- United States vs. No Dried Shrimp One of the fundamental ingredients in a good som tam green papaya salad is salty dried shrimp goong haeng.

Chinese food culture

There are a lot of restaurants that you can choose from. Both the societies of China and Korea are changing and become much more open than they used to be. What are the best ones? Compare and contrast essay between two countries- United States vs. Besides chopsticks vs. It is impolite to put down the bowl on table and just use one hand to eat. No Dried Shrimp One of the fundamental ingredients in a good som tam green papaya salad is salty dried shrimp goong haeng. The Chinese tend to view time more of a suggestion than an absolute. Consider brilliant topics.

S in the west are two countries which in neo times have been regarded as fierce rivals in matters economics. Spring Rolls as Thai Food Thai restaurants in America serve lots and lots of spring rolls — just like everyone in America must eat an egg roll with Chinese food, so Thai food is always served with a deep fried spring roll.

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Chinese cuisine also uses varieties of seasonings and sauces in their food. This symbolises the unity among them.

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