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Agriculture is the dominant labor supplier as the country produces potatoes, sugarcane, tea, jute, cotton, oilseed, wheat, and rice. It is known as the seventh largest country in the world. Often times the bride and groom have never met until their wedding day.

Regional parties are often very small; nevertheless there is a list of national parties of the Republic.

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Special worship is done on auspicious occasions such as birthdays of loved ones — both human and the Gods, anniversaries, festivals and the like, but each member of the family, young or old, communes with and worships the Divine here.

Using plastic reusable "adhesive bindis" is not very beneficial, even though it serves the purpose of decoration. Society and political parties 5. IndiaNetzone Although comparisons are not often made between American and Indian culture, once you see just how closely the cultures resemble each other, it gives you a different point of view on the two cultures and their similarities and differences.

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