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Dawes act 1924

Most allotment land, which could be sold after a statutory period of 25 years, was eventually sold to non-Native buyers at bargain prices. C The land was too costly for most settlers. Despite termination of the allotment process in , effects of the General Allotment Act continue into the present. The creators of this act thought that if Native Americans got their own land, they would farm it and eventually adopt white people behavior since many white people at that time farmed. In , Congress passed the Dawes Act. Government for 25 years; Eligible Native Americans had four years to select their land; afterward the selection would be made for them by the Secretary of the Interior. In this dreadful journey, Natives of all kinds were forced off their land and into a thousand mile trek during which about 4, Cherokee Indians died The Trail of Tears. Native Americans didn't see one cent from the sales of their land.

The allotted lands of Native Americans determined to be incompetent by the Secretary of the Interior were automatically leased out by the federal government. The Indian Reorganization Act was created in to promote tribal organization and give federal recognition to tribal governments.

Motives of the legislation was mixed.

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This act, also known as the General Allotment Act, was the most successful to the Anglo Americans, but did the least for the Native Americans. This section does not cite any sources. As a result, the usual incentives found in the commercial sector for reducing the number of small or inactive accounts do not apply to the Indian trust.

But one subject that routinely gets swept under the rug is the barbaric treatment of Native Americans and the genocide of a once peaceful nation and people.

The whites had taken two-thirds of the territory and Native Americans got no money from the sales. Native Americans didn't see one cent from the sales of their land.

They were to adopt the values of the dominant society and see land as real estate to be bought and developed; they learned how to use their land effectively in order to become prosperous farmers.

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