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The large number of damaged and destroyed Indian tanks remained in the battle field for days together telling the visitors from all over the country story of spirited fight of Pakistani troops with limited number of tanks. However, the main Indian attack was held and repulsed.

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Dog fights of PAF Sabers over Lahore, chasing the Indian aircrafts, is still fresh in the memory of many like this scribe who had witnessed the great demonstration of high morale and spirit in the air.

Afternoon activities reply to Pakistan in September this year. As everyone knows, this is the day of defense as the Pakistan army kept the attacks of India. It is a matter of record that during those 17 days Pakistan was at war with India, crime had been reduced negligibly to the lowest ever level.

Chaudhry was so confident of victory, defeating Pakistani troops and straightaway capturing Lahore that he had announced very proudly of having a big peg of whisky in the Gymkhana Club then located opposite the Governor House in Bagh-e-Jinnah and now housing the Quaid-i-Azam Library in the evening of September 6.

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They gave the ultimate sacrifice of their lives in the defence of Pakistan. It ended with a ceasefire approved by the United Nations and the following Tashkent declaration This day began with the honor of Pakistan's army. Our military was successful in defending not only the areas attacked but also in protecting the lives of thousands of civilians and their homes.

We might be facing economic issues, but we are protected from foreign threats by what many around the world regard as one of the best military forces in Asia.

In order to defend the Urdu spelling course on September 6, through the paper on Pakistan's defense day Youm electronic Difa Urdu paper free paper, because this is a reply from our language. English papers, national defense speech, speak Hiral Urdu 9 September. Anyone can see these events by going to a specific place.

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Our chats and conversations with family and friends can also involve the topic of the importance and constitutional role of the military. Sydney Opera House, Sydney - Australia Personalized Service Our global team of top marketing specialists will help grow your business and get your website noticed through a tailored approach. In all fairness, Pakistan emerged from the war as a strong and self-confident nation, genuinely proud of itself and its armed forces. A dedicated account manager will design a custom-made package specifically for your business needs. Call us today to see what Quad Solutions can do for your business Read More Clock tower, City of Westminster - England Find out how we can amplify your business and speak to a Quad Solutions consultant today Creative writing classes victoria bc z9z9z September 5, Defence day or anywhere else. It is a tribute to our armed forces and all the martyrs of the war.

A series of military parades and events are organised on Defence Day all over the country.

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