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This actually prompted the idea of defining the term by way of measuring it. Further, Nigerians set a precedent in breaking from their colonial constitutional heritage.

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Hence, election administration that will attain governmental legitimacy after polls has always been a serious concern to electoral scholars. By virtue of her population, she remains the most populous black nation on earth with an estimated population of over one-hundred and forty million people.

Any voluntary handover of government from military to civilian rulers is unusual.

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It is unable to fulfill the expectations of its citizens; in the common parlance, it cannot deliver goods. Given that it is not universally accepted and practiced, democracy has faced a lot of ideological contradictions, with criticisms. The People and the Democracy in Nigeria. However, this does not guarantee that it is a prime indicator for democracy. Nigeria's was, arguably, unique. Every person should strive for creation of a better future for his society. Every year, the country produces over , graduates of tertiary institutions including 65 universities , has the 6th largest gas reserves in the world, eighth largest oil producer with abundant, but largely untapped natural resources — gold, limestone, among others , and with 60 percent of its arable land lying fallqw. This can be achieved via the entrenchment of state institutions cum congruent political behaviour by the political elite.

This is in line with the perception of early generation of students of inter-group relations or plural societies, which considered federalism an effective way of achieving and preserving both integration and stability in deeply divided societies.

Here, citizens, who are also members of the civil society, are to be recognized as active participants in deliberating issues that affect their lives with government officials, both at the community, state and federal levels, and not merely recognized as passive observers.

Facebook 0. Poor just concede to rich will because he thinks rich can get rid of his problems, but his troubles only increase as time passes by.

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Byafter the expiration of his first term, his administration conducted a general election, and handed over to itself.

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Democracy In Nigeria Essay