How to improve writing skills in sims 3

Develop: Refining their Writing skill at the Computer is a great way to develop a Sim's literary prowess.

sims 3 how to write comics

Levels: Level 2: Your Sim can now use the Weed action to help keep plants clear. Proficient Painter: 6 Brilliant Paintings — increases the number of Brilliant and Masterpiece paintings produced.

The Telescope is a great way to improve Logic. TIP: When a Sim dies, their artwork is more appreciated and thus more valuable. Learning Skills Sims can learn skills by performing associated actions, using objects that are designed for use by that Skill.

There are three levels of books.

sims 3 how to write comics

Level 7: Sims can now use the Paint Portrait action, where any Sim picked can be chosen for a portrait. Writing Acquire: For writing, anyone can develop the skill on their computer. Celestial Explorer: Discovered 20 celestial bodies through the telescope.

The Television can have additional channels added. Never electrocuted by electrical objects.

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