How to write a how to article

How to start an article

Did you include all the important steps? Use the steps you created as the primary structure for your article. You need the expertise, experience, and the pictures to prove it. But that cause-and-effect relationship still likely helped Carnegie achieve greatness with his home-study course, and later with the ubiquitous book. Start with the clay in a ball, then start pushing down into the middle of the ball using your thumbs. Also, notice if you indicated a sequential process by using words like first, next, then, or last. Decide if you can teach someone the process.

Did you provide a logical order for your steps? Decide if you can teach someone the process.

how to write an interesting article

If your content will explain how to make an herb garden in a tower containerlike the folks at Home Depot did, you are going to have to actually build the tower. You need a lead and a few introductory paragraphs that state your premise and compel readers to read on.

how to write a how to article

The planning stage is vital for this. Make it easier for them to get a good impression about your writing by entertaining them.

how to write an article for a newspaper

Have you left anything unexplained? Fill in the gaps.

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How to Write Articles (with Pictures)