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input and output devices

Database software can be useful for anyone who must keep track of a large number of facts. The style of survey used by an organization will vary greatly based on the subject matter and the goal of the survey.

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The most common forms of output are words, numbers, and graphics. A bar code is nothing but data coded in form of light and dark bars. The mouse is rolled over the mouse pad, which in turn controls the movement of the cursor in the screen. Now as I reflect, seems like I have ignored the importance of an input device. We will use several forms of system software e. In larger computer systems, however, the input, processing, output, and storage functions may be in separate rooms, separate buildings, or even separate countries. The keyboard allows me to input and type text about special features and offers which I can include in the newsletter or the flyer to promote and advertise my business. As the ball on its underside rotates, the mouse movement causes corresponding movement of a pointer on the computer screen. Windows , MacOS and several application software programs e. These major categories are word processing including desktop publishing , spreadsheets, database management, graphics, and communications. Users of the handheld pen-based computers, also called personal digital assistants PDA , like the Palm, enjoy having applications such as calendars, address books, and games readily available. I also did not know the role of input device play.

Now that we have grown so used to these devices, life seems harder without them Pressing buttons on the mouse lets you invoke commands. In fact, this course will show you that the computer can be a tool for just about anyone from a business person, to an artist, to a housekeeper, to a student - an incredibly powerful and flexible tool.

essay on input and output devices

But, to become IT genius, we have to know how to access IT with the help of computer. We discuss computer networks in detail in a later chapter.

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Devices Of Computer Essay