International crime essay hsc

International crime essay hsc

The relevant act is the Extradition Act Commonwealth. The significance of the ICC is that it is a permanent international criminal court dealing with individuals who perpetrate international crimes, e.

Dealing with international crime Domestic and international measures and limitations International crime presents particular problems.

domestic measures

Although the international criminal court aim is to perpetrate international crimes and is capable of imposing penalties ranging from fines to imprisonment, not all nations have become signatories to the treaty of Rome which was established in Rome which abides the signatories to abide to the jurisdiction of the ICC.

To extradite an offender from overseas, Australia must have an extradition agreement with the nation state where the offender currently resides.

legal responses to international crime

A very sophisticated argument to make is that international crime can only be dealt with by cooperating nation states. Genocide is: Killing members of the group Causing serious bodily harm or mental harm to members of a group Deliberately inflicting conditions of life calculated to bring about a groups physical destruction Imposing measures to prevent births within the group Forcibly transferring children of a group to another group War Crimes — Article 8 of the Rome Statute Says war crimes are an action carried out during the conduct of war that violates accepted international rules of war.

Talk about state sovereignty as a restriction, find some media articles, you can flex this one in pretty much any direction you choose.

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