Midterm exam prep for history

Sparta was purely agricultural, no trade 3. If your midterm exam covers material from the whole year, then your previous tests will help you see what your teacher thinks is important.

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Stuck on homework? Religion was based on nature b.

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Silk Road trade i. Christianity was born during the first century C.

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Rock pillar edicts, missionaries iv. The population was diverse ranging from dark skinned people related to the sub Saharan Africa to lighter skinned people related to the North Africans who spoke Berber ii. Tophets- walled enclosures where thousands of small sealed urns containing burned bones of babies 4.

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Patriarchal, women were inferior Rome 1. Tons of trade went on e. Agriculture: staple crop was mostly wheat and barley, grew own food 3. Study groups can also help you study more efficiently—dividing and conquering a chapter outline, for example, can help all of you prepare. Landowning aristocracy ii. Coverage and Preparation: The CCC Midterm Test will be on course materials that we have covered in both lectures and tutorials since the beginning of the term to Week 6. Babylon i. Documents state that he was like his father 1. Built First Temple in Jerusalem e. Where did the slaves come from and to where were they traded, which countries traded them and for what purpose s? He maintained the maat, the order of the universe iii. After all, the time you spend in class involves you learning and interacting with the material.

Husband to Wife 4. Contrasts from Egypt as they had a more optimistic religion, gods more forgiving c.

Midterm exam prep for history

E invaded Mesopotamia i. Maintained irrigation channels 3. Will the midterm test material from the whole year so far or just the most recent material? All male citizens allowed to attend assemblies but votes of the wealthy counted for more ii. The European world experienced great historical changes from the 11th to the 16th century i. You will be responsible for materials that were covered in lectures 1, 2, 3, and 4 and tutorials. Spartacus b. Most people: no contact with the central gov. Why was this commodity in such high demand in Ming China? Received greater respect and freedom than women of Mesopotamia, and basically any ancient civilization 5. Nothing derails learning like building on a shaky foundation. Male ancestors worship i. Sure, they do a bit of review as the test approaches, but they also put in the thought, time, and effort throughout the semester to make sure they learn in a way that requires fewer late nights before the exams. After death of Solomon, formulation of monotheism absolute belief in one God Yahweh i.

In essence: how do you study for a midterm in the best way possible? Tyre was impregnable 1.

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Maintained irrigation channels 3. But you can actually spend less time studying for midterms if you make a plan. In the 16th century, a very small number of Spanish explorers successfully defeated the large empires on the American continent, most importantly the Aztec and the Inca. Impact of silk road a. Hammurabis Code - first codified law, biased based on social class, legitimacy established because Hammurabi claimed it was from a divine source; consistent set of regulations important innovation 3. What is slavery, or what is the definition of a slave? Lower class: merchants, peasants c. Greece i. Artifacts and the ruins of cities left behind show a very sophisticated and developed culture b. Early monarchs of the Middle Kingdom made things more centralized 1. Sparta i. Centralized, bureaucracy i. These city states became really wealthy due to trade 1. Schedule regular time for study.
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