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Health care business plan pdf

Accordingly, there is no set rule as to when a given arrangement may be deemed to constitute the CPOM. Services typically provided by a MSO can be grouped into three main categories with multiple sub-services within each group, as shown in Image 2 below, 1 Strategic and Administrative Services, 2 Clinical or Operational Program Design and 3 Clinical decision support and Technology Enablement Services. In some instances, hospital or physician employees work for the MSO, and in others, the MSO pays all significant expenses and receives fees for its services. See Bus. Dig deeper:. The company projects start-up development costs which will fund an initial development period of approximately 12 months, at this point, profitable operation is expected to be reached. The care segment is for providing patients the care they need—when and where they need it. A MSO is a gateway to helping providers apply a population health lens to their practice with a focus on quality and outcomes, which ultimately, enable the practice to better control overall medical spend. Or they may offer an arrangement where practices pay the MSO a percentage of collections and related fees. These organizations may be owned by non-healthcare provider investors, by hospitals, by groups of physicians, be a joint venture between a hospital and physicians, or even owned by health plans. MSO support services are often comprehensive, including areas such as: Financial management, budgeting and accounting Human resources and non-clinical personnel management Staff training and education Coding, billing and collection services Providing and managing office space Regulatory compliance oversight and management Credentialing and contract management Vendor management and group purchasing Marketing5 As discussed in the next section of this brief, MSO services should be carefully selected to ensure that the medical practice maintains control over the practice of medicine in accordance with CPOM principles. The health segment represents improving quality and health outcomes for a defined population. Fisher The MSO allows a hospital and a group of supportive physicians the chance to practice the art of collaborative planning and product delivery in a virtually threat-free fashion while they ponder the next step on the integration continuum. Wicking away work Depending on the contract, MSOs will negotiate with payors, provide billing and coding expertise, run IT services, lease and service office and medical equipment, and offer access to EHR systems.

An MSO-centric growth strategy Whatever the fee arrangment, cost savings remains the biggest driver of interest. For example, New York expressly prohibits percentage of patient revenue compensation arrangements.

Many provide billing services allowing practices to outsource that altogether, and some offer significantly discounted EHRs where all members utilize the same vendor or platform.

medical practice business plan pdf

Centralized performance improvement and quality improvement enables consistent evaluation and course correction across the network. By creating economies of scale, a MSO incentivizes the health system to seek partnerships that will increase membership and reduce PMPM administration costs.

The MSO only should be engaged to handle the non-medical aspects of the practice.

mso health care business plan

See Admin. MSOs that provide marketing services or otherwise generate business on behalf of a medical practice can implicate state fee-splitting laws or kickback laws. Innew opinions were issued in both New Jersey and New York that involved insurance companies asserting that physicians, their professional entity, and the MSO committed insurance fraud by submitting insurance claims for services performed by a professional entity that was under the control of a MSO rather than the physician.

Texas State Bd. Management Services Organizations provide practice management and administrative support services to individual physicians, group practices, and hospitals.

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Cautionary tales While there have been plenty of MSO success stories, experts say that physicians and hospital groups must be cautious in hiring these consultants.

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