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In this way, hegemony will be demonstrated in youth culture.

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In most Western societies, this trust level remains very elevated and stable. In addition, I presented how humor could assist in encouraging the democratic process by showing both sides of the extreme points of view in an argument, and encourage political knowledge acquisition.

Here the assumption is that trust in these institutions is vital for the stability of the system.

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The interaction between cultures, therefore, would easily lead to enduring conflicts. They make up some of the important aspects of the government and its operation. One of the defining characteristics of this value pattern is a more positive appreciation of individuality and the need for self-expression.

Google Scholar 8. In20 regional governments in Italy received a large degree of autonomy.

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Most studies on political culture claim that specific elements of that culture have an impact on the way political institutions function, although it has to be noted that the reverse causal logic institutions determining the political culture has been argued as well by authors adhering to an institutionalist perspective on politics. Which falls into my next point of the inequality of access when it comes to the positions of bureaucracies. So political culture can be defined as an inherent product of shared values, beliefs, symbols, norms and customs that are passed down from generation to generation that provides a unique identity to the members of certain communities about the specific ideals environments and subjective perception of the standards operation of any Although in the s, the United States clearly belonged to a group of countries with very high levels of political trust, the level of trust has continuously declined since the late s. According to Putnam these associations not only dispose members to be socialized into a more socially oriented value pattern but also allow citizens to establish collective goals in a more effective manner. Classes and ethnicities play specific divisive roles. In the second dimension power becomes less visible. And when someone is in a higher position with higher power, they are able to have a blind eye turned for them because of connections. From the early s, he argued that a gradual cultural shift is taking place in Western societies. However, Almond and Verba do not see the participant political culture as the type of culture that is most easily combined with the stability of democratic regimes.

Increasingly, citizens develop a postmaterialist, or post modern, value pattern.

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