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Money and class not only indicate what the world has already given you, but often suggest what the world is willing to offer you. Poverty is not having access to school and not knowing how to read. This, too, must be counted. It transfers money from the real economy to the banks Businesses are also in a similar situation.

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Poverty is not having a job, is fear for the future, living one day at a time. The three most common measures are income, assets meaning accumulated wealth in the form of money, securities, and real estateand socioeconomic metrics.

This is especially true of the rural poor, for instance in Appalachia, and for the physically, emotionally, and mentally disabled poor.

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It helps all of us to help one another. And institutions have been designed for the rich. Data on income is readily available, reliable, and relevant, especially in discussing poverty in the United States, where inherited wealth is a minor factor and most people live on wages and salaries. It understands that poverty is about people, and not numbers. The differences between rich and poor within the borders of a country can also be great. The choices open to the upper classes are far broader than any the poor could imagine. Measures in the last category go beyond financial data to account for health, nutrition, infant mortality, sanitation, and other aspects of human well being. And this determines their choices and the chance of progress.

Also, many poor Americans do live without adequate nutrition, shelter, and health care. If we want to tackle inequality, we need to change the way that money is created. It might have been these kinds of institutions that prompted over 20, people across more than 20 countries to state that a common experience in their poverty was powerlessness.

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How do we measure poverty?

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Poverty Is More Than Just Lack of Money