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For physical education specialists interested in a more formal role as a physical activity leader at their school, NASPE has developed a director of physical activity certification program.

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The CATCH program teaches children in grades K-8 how to be healthy throughout their lifetimes through a coordinated approach that involves engaging the community, families, and educators to work together. Fitness Assessment All states except Iowa have adopted state standards for physical education. The paper concluded that it is only the full implementation of its recommendation that would provide a lasting solution to the challenges of ensuring quality physical education programme in the UBE in Nigeria. To this end, physical education programs must possess the quality characteristics specified by NASPE b , b , c see Box These data, while several years old, show that most learning assessments in physical education fail to target relevant learning objectives such as knowledge, skills, and physical activity behavior. The act states that high-quality professional development programs should have the characteristics listed in Box Lack of qualified physical education teachers is yet another challenge. His legacy was very important because he engaged behavioral and social scientists in the problems of public health and gave importance to the role of that health education plays on human health. Students will demonstrate the ability to use decision-making skills to enhance health. Research supports the use of SPARK as a platform for improving the quality of physical activity instruction in schools. To help children grow holistically, however, physical education needs to achieve other learning goals when children are active.

While collecting data on the effects of Nintendo Wii on year-olds in New Zealand, White and colleagues found that active video games generated higher energy expenditure than both resting and inactive screen watching.

The exclusive focus on health, however, was criticized by educator Thomas Wood ; Wood and Cassidy, as too narrow and detrimental to the development of the whole child.

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Pate, R. The importance of quality professional development is well documented in the act. CATCH significantly increases the physical activity levels of students during physical education class and provides a wide range of learning experiences for students of all abilities. Professional learning standards provide a foundation on which to design professional learning experiences at the district or school level that will assist educators in acquiring the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools. The percentage of schools that offered intramural sports clubs to at least 25 percent of students declined from 62 percent of middle schools to 50 percent of high school for males, and from 53 to 40 percent, respectively, for females. According to a national survey study Kulinna et al. Physical education as part of education provides the only opportunity for all children to learn about physical movement and engage in physical activity. The education community subsequently adopted Wood's inclusive approach to physical education whereby fundamental movements and physical skills for games and sports were incorporated as the major instructional content. Article III: Responsibility to Employers Health Educators recognize the boundaries of their professional competence and are accountable for their professional activities and actions. Although the framework does not focus exclusively on physical education, it does imply the important role of physical education in the action agenda see Box Article V: Responsibility in Research and Evaluation Health Educators contribute to the health of the population and to the profession through research and evaluation activities. Rather, it is envisioned as a living document that will continue to evolve as the practice of Health Education changes to meet the challenges of the new millennium. Several models and examples demonstrate that physical education scheduled during the school day is feasible on a daily basis. The model's merits in developing motor skills, fitness, and desired physical activity behavior have yet to be determined in studies with more rigorous research designs. If physical education instructors are not adequate, non professionals in physical education cannot properly execute these features.

The responsibility of each Health Educator is to aspire to the highest possible standards of conduct and to encourage the ethical behavior of all those with whom they work.

Unlike other physical activity in school e. Engagement of all children activities which provide maximum amounts of appropriate physical exercise.

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Accordingly, fitness education in school physical education programs is being enhanced through the incorporation of active video games, also known as exergaming. The law defines it as the "acquisition of knowledge about food and nutritionas well as the ability to make appropriate decisions through practical experience with food, with the aim of developing people's ability to live on a healthy diet ".

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Research on physical activity among home-schooled children is also limited.

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