Reasons why companies go global

A survey by Wells Fargo found that 87 percent of U. Which country do you think is the best for you to expand into? International Marketing Considerations Marketing directly to international markets vs. International expansion can also help companies acquire access to new technologies and industry ecosystems, which may significantly improve their operations.

Suppliers follow their Customers Internationally, 5. For example, many governments around the world offer incentives for companies looking to invest in their region. Be sure to pick one that offers opportunity.

The race to expand internationally is often about gaining a presence in foreign markets.

Reasons not to go global

Honor, one of its top-selling brands, is going to be launched on the Russian, Indonesian and Indian markets. The ability to compete successfully in domestic markets will depend upon their ability to match the resources and competencies of multinational companies, with whom they have to compete in their domestic markets. Many companies are now hiring teams they will never meet in-person. There are many benefits to going global — and she feels living abroad and doing business internationally is an important measure of success. It's no longer the exclusive preserve of the huge corporate brands everyone has heard of. The more you produce, the greater the chances of lowering the per-unit manufacturing costs. Attractive Cost Structures Globally, 7. Having different type of markets will make revenues and profits more consistent.

It's all just because of this added prestige. Not only do you miss the revenue source, but you lose out on other valuable assets that you could use to promote your company at home and abroad.

reasons for going international ppt

Economic growth rates in Europe, USA and Japan are very low compared to the large and new emerging markets. There's a reason why Apple outsources the bulk of its iPhone production to Asia.

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Ten Reasons Why Businesses Are Going Global