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Our interdisciplinary knowledge typology for conflict resolution Fig. Third-party roles are very important in bringing the conflicting parties together on some common ground for negotiations.

General objective The general objective of the study was to assess conflict and conflict management in case study of Aleta land propylene bag factory SNNPR, Hawassa.

People have different moral values and accordingly appreciate a situation in different ways, creating conflict situations. It is a wilful process and refers to the real effort put into generating and instituting conflict. This creates separation and introduces differentiation.

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It encompasses the wide range of conflict that people experience in organizations incompatibility of goals, difference over interpretations of incompatibility of goals, difference over interpretations of fact, disagreements based on behavioral expectations and the like.

Significance of the Study The study finding can have a base line data to the other researcher who will conduct similar studies and benefit to Aleta land polypropylene bag factory employees to manage conflict. It looks into how knowledge integration and co-production happen through in-depth study of the process-related mechanisms and the premises for knowledge exchange and learning.

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