Smartphones market analysis and product development

In the smartphone industry, most of the company is positioning themselves in the high quality- high price position.

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Worldwide smartphone user base hits 1 billion. The difficulty about the staffs who have competency and experience in smartphone field. Figure 2: Strategic positioning of competitors in the smartphone industry Adopted from Kotler et al, ; p Gender:- While Phoenix Z1 is designed mainly for the males, it will also appeal to the female customers because of its features, innovative technology and attractive design.

Entry in China can require partnership with local firms.

Competition in smartphone industry

In India too the legal and regulatory environment is quite complex. However, our pricing strategy ensures that people can afford the product even in the times of downturn. Despite the uncertain economic and political situation, UK is an important market for smartphone brands. By focusing in this way, Bkav has been able to price against cheap market. Digitising our supply chain can also help us reduce our operational costs as well as improve productivity. The new entrant will be benefited from expertise of the other company. Innovation can also be used to overcome any competition in any stages Porter, All our competitors hold strong position in the international markets, some of which feature among the top most powerful companies in the Forbes list.

The diffusion of mobile phones in India. People are more tech savvy there and their level of technology adoption and usage is also higher. Hampshire, United Kingdom: Cengage Learning.

The Competitive Advantage of Nations. No need to use Advanced utility is integrated into the phone. It is a generation that believes in working hard and partying harder.

Smartphones market analysis and product development

It will allow the company to make minor local adaptations such as phones with battery that are especially made for 15 hot areas, change the phone names to attract local audience and etc. As a consequence, it will be best to go with focus strategy. Mergers and Acquisitions: Mergers and acquisitions typically happen when two or more organization combine. So an existing company will have cost advantage over new comers. According to a U. Brexit uncertainty has dampened or rather muted growth. Because, the environmental analysis suggest that there is low differentiation between competing companies.

But, there are complications such as diseased management which might jeopardies the success of the entrant. It is crystal clear that apart from Xaomi, all other competitors in the smartphone industry approaching the market with targeting from general global approach.

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