Social studies structured essay questions

Months before the O Levels, his History teacher makes him take 20 to 30 minutes a week to do one SEQ, marks them all, and ensures he submits his corrections.

social studies o level notes 2018

If you are taking Social Studies and History Elective, they are one of the combination subjects under the Combined Humanities subject.

An ex-student was from a neighbourhood school and doing badly in his English. This will be part of their school-based assessment and will not be included in the score in national exams.

Social studies structured essay questions

The last paragraph only if time permits is meant for conclusion. Some of you may feel more comfortable to do the SEQs first before doing the other sections because SEQ involves more memory than the other sections of the paper.

social studies o level notes 2017

She shares free advice and tips to parents and students on her email list, so hop on over to www. What is this question asking you?

Social studies sbq format

An ex-student was from a neighbourhood school and doing badly in his English. For Social Studies, students will face decontextualized case studies i. Reading widely will help students understand and grasp the issues of the case studies better. You need to explain 2 factors related to the issue. In pre-exam practices, give yourself minutes for each essay, because you need to do an essay plan. The result—most of them score distinctions in History Elective. D-day approaches. They allocate more pre-exam time to practicing SEQs as they are more predictable.

After finding out the topic in question, quickly scribble a few points that answer the question on the question paper. Majority of her graduating students scored distinctions. Joanna Seow and Priscilla Goy A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on January 06,with the headline 'Exam assessment format will also be changed'.

Sounds good? Experts said the change means there is "no right or wrong answer", but answers have to be well argued.

Structured essay question history

So how many paragraphs do we have so far? Anything that requires him to read or write more than 5 sentences daunts him. Print Edition Subscribe Topics:. The result is that they obtain very low marks overall. They get almost full marks in Section B. Feel free to email karen learnmojo. SEQs are marked based on LORMs Levels of Response Marking Scheme , which award high marks to students who show that they can explain and not just describe, as well as students who can make reasoned judgements. Do not do a numerical comparison of both sides i.

They get almost full marks in Section B.

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The New Social Studies Syllabus and the Structured Response Questions (SRQ)