The scarlet letter and class discussion

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Why does he do them? What is their purpose upon first encountering Hester at this point? As a result, the teacher's use of teaching material will help the teacher save time, engage students, and deliver the message. The second phase three sessions will explore the themes of the novel and will focus on debates. The remaining ten minutes will be yielded for in class discussion of the written paragraphs. Content Warning: The Scarlet Letter deals with the subject of adultery. Discussion Questions for Literature Groups In your groups, go over your assigned questions and write down your answers in your Notes section of your reading notebook. The methodology of teaching used is an eclectic one that does not rely on one party in class. What do YOU think Chillingworth saw? Related Papers. The rose bush comes back into the book near the end of this chapter. Chapter 13 6. Whether the teacher wants her or his stu- dents to either build an understanding of the themes of a literary work, or to read just for the sake of pleasure, objectives do govern the teachers' whole plan. Write down some lines used to describe his relationship with Hester and to escribe him.

They need to realize that their decisions even at a young age impact those around them. Upon answering, each student will get a red cardboard made letter "A" and will get to pin it on their chest.

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Evaluation and assignments are there to encourage and develop the students' critical ability and not to evaluate them according to right-or-wrong criteria. Discuss the importance of the setting in reflecting the psychologi- cal development of Hester, Dimmesdale, and Chillingworth.

They truly connected with the characters and analyzed them on a deeper level. The high school ELA classroom has room for a whole-class text along with independent texts, and I may examine that balance later, but for right now, I would like to start with a defense of the use of whole-class, classic novels in the modern ELA classroom.

Write down some lines used to describe his relationship with Hester and to escribe him.

The scarlet letter and class discussion

Where does Hester live? The methodology will shift from a teacher-centered one, to a student-centered way, reaching a content-centered teaching. Alienation: Ask if any of the students have ever felt neglected or alienated.

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Puritans, Again? In Defense of The Scarlet Letter