Therapeutic relationship between nurse and patient essay

It is the special features of this relationship, the therapeutic relationship, quite different from our normal everyday social relationships, which allow the intimacy and trust by which we permit a nurse to assist us.

benefits of therapeutic relationship in nursing

Buckle, J. Communication is much more than just the spoken word, it involves body language, facial expression, eye contact and hand movement, good communication is about listening to patients and understanding their fears and expectations.

therapeutic relationship in nursing

Tschudin reports that the use of open questions allows the patient to guide or steer the conversation, enabling them to discuss their true feelings and concerns, and also allows them to respond with fluidity; adding that this may have also illustrated to Howard that I was both listening and attending.

Therefore, it may be beneficial to consider issues of diversity between Howard and myself, and discuss the impact of these differences on our therapeutic relationship.

importance of therapeutic nurse patient relationship

Holistic nursing aims to take care of all factors of health and illness, spiritual, physical, psychological and sociological. Nursing is a caring profession, does this indicate that when caring for a person a therapeutic relationship exists automatically, or is it developed? In the situation in the story I Am Not a Patella, the writer found that she was ignored as a person and she was defined as her injury.

This patient had come in with non-ischemic cardiomyopathy and had a history of cocaine and Nurse Patient Relationship Essay words - 5 pages As suggested by Bungaythe development of a strong nurse-patient relationship begins with nursing practices that demonstrate caring.

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Explain the importance of communication in promoting the therapeutic Coursework