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The supervisors shall have to contact the experts and the PhD candidate to arrange the date and time for the pre-defence procedure, if any. Out of regard for non-Spanish-speaking academic staff sitting on the board, theses may be defended in a language other than Spanish provided that all the board members agree.

Two hard copies of this commitment should be delivered to the administrative officer room The UPM PhD Committee may request any further reports that it requires and shall decide on the application within two months.

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The stays and activities shall be specified in the agreement signed by the two parties. They can appear in the center or on the right corner, upper or bottom of the page.

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In the event of a negative assessment, which shall be duly justified, PhD candidates shall have to prepare another research plan for reassessment within six months. When it comes to UPM thesis writing, it is as important as the actual research. Students shall have to notify the programme administrative officer if, as a result of such contacts, a faculty member agrees to supervise their thesis. The stays and activities shall be specified in the agreement signed by the two parties. It is one of the most renowned universities in the country. After document submission, the draft of the PhD thesis and the dossier of publications will be submitted to two experts. For each article, the dossier should contain: The cover of the journal, congress proceedings, etc. Research plan PhD candidates shall draft a research plan every year. It requires hard work and dedication. The PhD candidate and the thesis supervisor or supervisors shall be responsible for submitting the annual research plan to the PhD in Software, Systems and Computing Academic Committee detailing the progress and the most significant interim results of the PhD thesis research.

Duration of the internship, required timetable and relationship with the thesis should be stablished in the internship agreement. Footnotes and text in tables should not be less than 8 pts. In this case, students shall have a maximum of five years' part-time study in which to complete their PhD from their admission to the programme until the submission of their PhD thesis.

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The PhD thesis supervisor or supervisors and the PhD candidate shall be notified by the PhD in Software, Systems and Computing Academic Committee of the result of the pre-defence or equivalent procedure no later than a fortnight as of it receiving the pre-defence or equivalent procedure reports.

Page number The pages should be numbered consecutively, right from the beginning including tables and appendices.

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Our writers and editors are well qualified, and they got proper training for their job. Also, students may apply for a maximum of one academic year's temporary leave from the programme, extendable by up to one more year. Such joint supervision favours PhD candidate mobility and helps to strengthen the ties between UPM groups and groups from other universities with regard to cooperation. PhD in Software and Systems and Computing student continuation policy At the beginning, the students should sign, together to their tutors and their Thesis supervisor the " Doctoral student training and supervision commitment agreement. Theses should contain: table of contents, abstract in Spanish and English , introduction, related work, problem statement and objetives, proposed solution, results, conclusions, future lines of research and references. The doctoral candidate shall enrol at both universities, although he or she shall only be liable for tuition fees at one of the institutions and shall be exempt at the other. The agreement shall state which university charges and which waives the tuition fees. A document listing publication details reporting PhD thesis results. They can also help with formatting according to the UPM requirements. Top quality writing and editing Plagiarism free content. It requires hard work and dedication. The complete joint supervision procedure for doctoral theses procedure and the agreement is available. Instructions for writing and presenting PhD theses PhD theses shall be written and defended preferably in Spanish, although they may also be written in English.

DOI can replace the previous elements. A model of the title page is provided first page should include also the same information.

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