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Try not to contact excessively within a short time frame. Example: Because of the circumstances surrounding the tragic death of our neighbor, Mary Tucker, I know first-hand that this bill, if implemented, could save lives. From there you can build into more detail.

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The intent is to make it easier to contact your congressmen, but repeat or obvious form letters eventually get tossed aside. This is the page that is sent before your actual letter. Once you've discovered how easy it is to do this, encourage others to make their own phone calls.

Under this legislation, educators will have time to learn and work together to deepen content knowledge, plan instruction, examine student work, address different student learning needs, clarify student learning outcomes, and use the results of frequent classroom assessments to modify instruction.

Most cover sheets also include a small area for comments or notes where you can summarize your purpose for writing.

Sample letter to local politician

Make sure you avoid biased sources, and always list your resources. Try not to contact excessively within a short time frame. From there you can build into more detail. Your spelling and grammar will reflect well on your letter, too. Check here to read our article on how to send a fax near you. Support your stance. You can find the name and address of your representative by going to Congress. We hope this map provides a much easier way to find and contact your representatives so you can play a vitally important role in the law-making process. Letters do take more effort, both to send and to receive, than e-mail messages, and they therefore warrant more attention. When Writing Use the talking points to craft a brief letter no more than a page to your Member of Congress and be sure to add a personal anecdote that highlights the impact of effective professional learning.

Your spelling and grammar will reflect well on your letter, too. Any threats in a letter may be followed up on by the proper authorities. Instead, write a personal letter, from your heart.

Sample advocacy letter to senator

You may even have a friend read it over to make sure your letter makes sense and to double-check for any glaring errors that spell check may have missed. Remember: if you have a relevant personal tie to the issue, mention it briefly. In general, letters written from constituents are given more time and consideration. There are problems with every other form of contact. Thank you for your consideration. You can write something like this: Re: H. Close your letter by restating your purpose for writing the representative and repeating your request for action. Faxing seems so outdated, so why do we recommend it? Cover sheets provide a level of confidentiality. This Portability clause leaves the public schools that are already hurting the most in a serious financial bind. You can also use Congress. Make your letter personal. Add a paragraph here about the difference that quality professional development has made in your own school or district. Know to whom to send your letter. Remain professional and courteous.

Use normal sized font and color and stick with Times New Roman or Arial to make it easy to read.

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Write Your Congressional Member Letter Template