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Now having said that, it doesn't tell you whether your writing is good or bad. So the noun or noun becomes the adjective having to do with nouns, nominal.

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So that is nouns with anyone of seven word endings and both the book and the website will tell you what they are, but we'll tell you how to identify them yourself. We need to abstract language in order to communicate it.

Air & light & time & space: how successful academics write

There's a whole section on the emotions involved in academic writing. Again, like the writer style. So I just thought, I wonder if it's. You can start to see if you use the same five or six prepositions over and over again. Of course not. So with the nominalizations for example, if you get a reading of a heart attack, I think it's showing you that six percent or more of the words your sample are nominalizations and it's just saying, you know, that's kind of dangerous zone. Also at the bottom of the page, you will see a link to the writing base, which is where you can go and, do a little self diagnostic tests looking at your behavioral, artisanal, social and emotional habits and how they all intersect. There's a, I don't know if you've seen the youtube video on the Ted Ed site, but, there's a hilarious video that was made from an article that I wrote about Zombie nouns in the New York Times. It's turning out to be quite complicated to program, but we will get there eventually and as part of that, I'm going to have some customization options. But I find, I once a paper in which I was kind of parodying prose that broke all of these rules and I found it dead easy. And there you can find links to all of all of my books on writing as well as various other things and things like the zombie nouns video , which is pretty much my favorite thing ever. So that's the craftsmanship because I see writing as an artist and like activity, but then also the social aspects. You've got to eat good food and you've got to exercise and I think sentences are exactly the same. So what a past.

Let's, let's, let's talk about one or two of the other things and then I definitely want to talk about the website because it's such a good tool for us so listeners are just going to have to wait and wait until the end and then we're going to talk about it, but.

So, the, the problem with that kind of writing is that the reader can visualize anything and so they just get lost. So we're getting a little bit close to the end.

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Of course not. So can you give us just a brief overview of the main topics and then I'd like to talk a little bit in more detail about each of them. One looks at nouns, one looks at verbs, one looks at adjectives and adverbs, one looks at prepositions, and then the last one's kind of grab bag of categories, that I call called the waste words.

We're taking a transcript and those words have a way of getting stuck in your head.

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