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In he graduated at the University of Zurich, was appointed assistant to Kundt and went with him to Wurzburg in the same year, and three years later to Strasbourg.

When Professor Zewail received at the surprisingly young age of 51 the Welch Prize in Chemistry for lifetime achievements, Norman Hackerman, chair of the Scientific Advisory Board, pointed out that the ability actually to observe molecular "rearrangement has already stimulated important new theories and understanding by scientists in many fields.

He was awarded in the category of Chemistry for his new developments in the field of femotoscience. He engages actively in seeking remedies for the ills of the have-nots of the present-day world.

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Because chemical reactions last only 10 to femtoseconds fs —one femtosecond is 0. This brilliant development which changed our view of the dynamics of matter holds great promise in the areas of technology and life sciences.

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During the process, known as femtosecond spectroscopy, molecules were mixed together in a vacuum tube in which an ultrafast laser beamed two pulses. For a chemist, Nobel Prize is one of most prestigious award.

When Nobel was five years old, his father Immanuel Nobel moved their family to St This combination of inventions helps to pose the question who was Alfred Nobel, and why did Nobel create this prize to help the world.

In this paper I will find out who was the man behind the inventions that brought so much death and destruction to the world Professor Zewail is a true liaison between the cultures of East and West.

Professor Zewail particularly cherishes the highest honor bestowed by Egypt, the Order of the Grand Collar of the Nile, conferred by President Mubarak in This award was presented to Anthony Hewish, and his mentor, Martin Ryle in for the innovations they made in astronomy, and specifically the discovery of pulsars.

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