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Journal of product innovation management, 23 1pp. There needs to be an average availability of the wealth, proper resources as well as the necessities to fulfill the job so that the real problems can be handled easily.

Higher and the middle Spanish families can be able to afford to buy the products from Zara's and by this way, it can be able to meet the local requirements of the clients so quickly and in such an appropriate manner.

The country at the same time also needs to focus on the distribution as well as the production channels. If this vendor were to drop Zara it would be detrimental. International Journal of Production Economics,pp.

The PDAs also does not allow the stores to check inventory of other locations.

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Spain has earned different types of the advantages while having a closer look at various markets and has gained an excellent position in the dynamic market driven by the different types of fashionable market in the nation. The longer term that needs to be made so that the positive energies and the values can be made in the proper way and in a greater advantageous way. This business model is what Zara lives and breathes every day, by incorporating this statement into all of their capital expenditures and creating a vertically integrated supply chain. Making sustainability work: Best practices in managing and measuring corporate social, environmental, and economic impacts. The ways that need to be generated is formed in such a way so that all forms of the managerial tasks need to be done n an adequate manner and in the best possible matters Fernie and Perry, The requirements of the customer's needs to be strategically based so that they have the good impression about the products and the demand factors Macchion et al. This is illustrated in Exhibit 3. Zara will have to start in locations in Europe that they have less visibility in.

The long term goal is to have the entire DOS obsoleted and start solely using Windows. Retailers and international markets: motives for expansion.

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Threats: The main threat facing Zara is their OS supplier discontinuing their service. The whole situation is depending on the management policies as well as the business strategies in between the team members.

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Supplier integration and company performance: A configurational view. Determinants of long-term orientation in buyer-seller relationships. The bigger the thought, the more will be the achievement. Alternative Three: Buy up all of the OS from the sole supplier: If Zara is intent on the operating system currently being used, what they need to do is buy large quantities of their DOS from their supplier.

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Zara: Fast Fashion Case Study Analysis Summary